Low Poly Sammy

Low-poly art is simultaneously invigorating and maddening. Focusing on finishing a piece is an accomplishment in and of itself; hours of meticulous, repetitive actions completed in a long chain. Really great tunes and a ton of coffee are definite requirements (for me, at least) to get through.

Equal parts hair-rippingly frustrating and mega-glee-inducing exciting. It’s a great accomplishment to come out on the other end with a finished piece that actually resembles to the source image. I am very proud of my first successful low-poly art, which features my rescue mutt Sammy looking majestic AF into the distance (probably thinking about turkey necks or beef liver). While difficult to capture all the beautiful nuances and depth of her brindle-like fur, I think this is as accurate as it gets in the low-poly world.

Source image: