Oh, Deer

A composite mash-up created in Adobe Illustrator using the outline of a majestic stag and various stock photos from unsplash.com. The intent was to play with textures and layering, and take advantage of the clipping mask option in Illustrator to create a whimsical composition.

I created this at the height of my frustration with Illustrator, when all the vector art I was attempting to create kept turning out flat and uninspired. I was also getting pretty mad at the pen tool (why is this thing so damn hard to get used to?!). Sometimes it’s best to stick to the things you know and embrace simplicity.

A story that is sort of related to stags: I grew up in the small mountain tourist town of Jasper, Alberta. Wildlife in town was an expected thing; most of the time, the humans kept to themselves and the animals would do the same. I was used to having black bears in my backyard. Elk were quite abundant and liked to trawl around all over town. On one particular day as I was walking back from work, the entrance to the condo complex where I lived was blocked with a huge flock of elk. There was no way to walk through them as I would surely get impaled by one (or more) of them. So the only option was to walk the long way around or wait until they decided to move. Lucky for me, my parents just happened to see this scene unfold out of the window, so my dad drove out the few hundred feet to disperse the elk and retrieve me.

My upbringing gives me mixed feelings about elk as they could be a royal pain in the arse, but at the same time they make for fun art.