Words Matter. Don’t Let Your Words Down.

Words are more than just a collective of letters joined together. Words are what bring your message to life.

But words can also take your message to the grave. A healthy amount of respect for the power of words is required to maintain the balancing act of precision and elegance. Besides, you don’t want to be that person who confuses their/they’re/there or bogs your audience down with synonyms plucked from a thesaurus just because they sound better.

Whether you need concise yet compelling content for your company’s annual report, or a fresh set of eyes to check a crucial sales proposal to your “big whale” client, let me be your word nerd. And if you decide you need the content to look nice, I can help with that, too (it’s the icing on the cake).

Part writer & editor, part designer: Not only can I develop or edit your content, I can package it all pretty, too.

The Word Nerd


My journey with the English language began as a young child when my family immigrated to Canada in 1987. Desperate to fit in with my peers, I focused my efforts on assimilating to the Western culture by devouring words and their meanings as fast as my brain would allow.

Throughout my childhood, words became my comfort. I found solace in writing, whether in journals or short stories. As a classically introverted and socially awkward human being, writing became my best friend. I dreamed of becoming a bestselling fiction novelist. I won first prize in a writing competition in high school for my collection of poetry and short stories. (I am still bitterly disappointed that I didn’t keep a copy of my submission because it is now lost forever.)

I abandoned the fiction novelist dream for a decidedly less outrageous career path. Not knowing what I could do with writing, I followed a somewhat disjointed path and ended up spending over a decade in the corporate world. Most of that decade was spent in human resources—learning & development, recruitment, and compensation & benefits—in industries such as not-for-profit, Oil & Gas, education, and financial services. Throughout my HR experience, I was always drawn to the tasks that involved writing and editing, whether it was for reports or policies & procedures documents.

I boldly leaped into solopreneurship in 2017 as a freelance writer, editor, and designer, and haven’t looked back since. Okay, maybe I did glance over my shoulder a few times because, hello, this is scary. But it’s been incredibly rewarding and humbling to take on this new path, one that is more aligned to the young girl that once found her place and grounding in the presence of words.


Need content? Head on over! How about some word polishing? Yep, got ya covered there, too!

My Creds

  • Certificate in Graphic Design, SAIT Polytechnic (2017)
  • Certificate in Technical Writing, Mount Royal University (2017)
  • Certificate in Professional Editing, Mount Royal University (2018)

What Else?


When I’m not doing word nerdy things, I live a quiet life with my husband and our adopted rescue mutt Sammy. I work part-time as a communications and graphic design coordinator for a local non-profit association. I also volunteer as a foster home and photographer for the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), devour books like they’re going out of style, and love posting food flatlays on my personal Instagram account.

Illustrations by Melanie Luther