A complete update and refresh of Communicate2Integrate’s Residency Interview Preparation Guidebook was sorely needed ahead of the busy residency interview season beginning in January each year. This guidebook would serve as an additional interview resource for medical graduates pursuing a residency position in Canada, a complimentary offering as part of Communicate2Integrate’s residency interview preparation sessions. A companion guide called Dress for Success: A Practical Guide on What to Wear to an Interview was also developed, which included practical tips and examples of appropriate interview attire for both men and women.

Content for the Residency Interview Preparation Guidebook was developed using the previous iteration of the guide created in 2016. The content was consolidated into a 38-page booklet of tips, techniques, and strategies to be successful in a residency interview (condensed from the original 100+ pages). Using clean stock imagery and a modern, sequential layout, this guidebook allows readers to easily peruse through the content. A comprehensive Appendices section at the end includes numerous examples of common interview questions, techniques for answering common questions, and a list of resources for further reading and preparation purposes.

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