In an alternate universe, I’m an incredibly talented and successful food stylist and photographer that gets to be around and work with food all day long. The reality is (obviously) different, but one can always dream.

This portfolio, titled Foodography (a portmanteau of food and photography) was a final project completed for an Adobe InDesign class. The purpose of the project was to create a 12-page, 6×6″ portfolio, featuring our own design work or stock images. I opted for the latter option, as I simply lacked a comprehensive body of work to be able to adequately fill a portfolio resembling any kind of cohesiveness.

Using stock images from (a great resource for beautiful food photography, among other types of images), I put together a layout featuring some of my favourite photos, pretending to be in my daydream alternate universe. The intent of the project was to demonstrate our visual layout and design skills, not necessarily the content itself.

While I continue to struggle with being able to fill a portfolio with my own work, I believe this project allowed me to showcase my knack for laying out text and images in what I hope is a visually appealing layout. I ended up loving Adobe InDesign while most of my classmates weren’t too thrilled with the application. This served to confirm that my strengths are more aligned to document design and layout work.

Full PDF: foodography

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