Part writer, part designer: Not only can I develop your content, but I can make it look nice, too

I specialize in technical writing of user and/or training manuals & guides, business reports, proposals, policies & procedures; essentially all those long-winded, not-so-glamourous but necessary documents that require someone with a love for grammar, research, and wordsmithing. I can develop content or edit/proofread existing content and package your words together with a design that suits your specific needs.

The value that I can add to your business is through my love of words, grammar, and the English language. I also have a knack for research and digging deeper to better understand subject matter so that I can write effectively and authoritatively. Words matter and I’m here to make them shine.

Samples of my work are available to view here.

To get in touch to chat about your writing or design needs, fill out the contact form or email me at


I am part of a global community of marketing experts, Communo. Leveraging Communo enables me to scale my services to meet my clients’ demands, through access to a vetted community of marketing services professionals. Communo is an ever-growing army of marketing subject matter experts, bound together by an operating model whose shared ideals make them North America’s most agile, cost-effective way for my clients to quit their unhealthy dependency on bloated ad agencies.

Together we are transforming the global marketing services industry through the democratization of business resources and assets.

Illustration by Melanie Luther